Starting Oil Painting

I am still wondering why I had to wait until I was fatally ill before I began to start to painting in oil colors.

Well, I am not fatally ill anymore and am still loving painting.  It is so much fun but also a big mess.  Today after about 13 pictures, it is time to clean the thinner container.  I have cleaned it before and it is a big mess but I get to use the thinner again once that guck is out of it.

First I pour the thinner out of the thinner container, which looks like a tupperware stuffables super set, in the orignal empty plastic bottle where it actually came from in the first place, then start picking away at that old blue-green gook in the screen.  The blue-green gook is probably the mixture of all the colors I use after it gets all stinky in the bottom.  I got the Bob Ross brush cleaning screen in the bottom of the thinner pail.  Getting that out is a pain also because it is all sticky and gooey and its a pain sticking a capacitated q-tip through the nooks and cranies.  But it is worth it in the long run.

Hooray! All clean now.  As always, I have no idea what I am going to paint.

I stopped smoking so, I thought I would take the money I saved and finance my new hobby(old hobby was computer stuff but is now my job. New hobby oil painting ala Bill,Bob,Gerry,Kevin,Jason).  Since a pack of cigarettes cost 5 Euro and I was doing a pack a day, I figure that I now save 150 Euro every month (I am calculating a pack times 30 days which would be 5 Euro dollars times 30 days equals 150 Euro(5 x 30 = 150)).  I think 150 dollars a month is not a little bit. I wonder how some people support that habbit. rabbit?… hobbit?  habit. 

Anyway, I wound up buying a Bob Ross 2 and 1 easel, 14 landscape colors, the thinner container, the oderless thinner, and all of the brushes plus both detail knives, and a bunch of some stretch canvases, some in cotton and a couple of linen just in case I get good at this.  There is also the liquid white, black, clear and black, gray, white gesso.

I think I am ready to stop buying that stuff now and will see in which direction the wind blows for me.  I have already sprung up my cigarette theory budget so I guess I should just get around to painting now and hope everything lasts quite a while.

Believe me, I am not showing off.  I am just overjoyed that my Oncologist found no more metastasen after the surgery.  It is not that way with everyone and I do feel for those who are suffering in the world. I am just going to try not to blow this chance so that’s why I started this blog stuff. And Oil painting is a whole lot of fun. It is worth cleaning up afterwards!

Going to check out Albrecht Durer’s works today and get a bit of inspiration I hope.

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