Pentax K-50 night scene

Full Moon in Bornheim
Bornheim Full Moon with walnut tree mask

Sometimes it does make sense to just wait for the mood to set in and bring out the Pentax K-50 and try a night shot.

I inherited my fathers analog Pentax 35mm camera. I was still under 40 years of age at that time as my father and mentor, Bobby,  had died and I had no experience with 35mm cameras. At that time, it was said that they were the best you could get if you found a good one. I figure, since my father never paid attention to prices when buying things for himself or even for us, I guess it must have been a nice camera. As my uncle Billy came over to visit me here in Germany a while back, I was able to see his professional photography setup.  I wasn’t so interested in photograpy at that time but the equipment he used and showed me had to be state of the art. It did impress me though. It was like all digital with a huge viewer where he showed me some of his photos of Antartica and the likes. And the camera was like really colossal  I must ask him if he still has some photos of that time as Walter pulled out the 25 liter jug of self made mirabelle plum schnapps. Or was it the cherry? In any case, he was presented his own personal bottle as a souvenir.

Between then and now, I have tried my hand at a digital Pentax K-30 and it really was a nice experience for me. Got me the confidence that was missing with the help of a nice auto focus. I took photos of the Bornheimer Uhrtürmchen and produced a bookmark out of it for that Book shop across the street from it where I am the Webmaster guru (Buchhandlung Schutt). But you know, now it’s hard to figure out which is my favorite hobby; being a dragon and a gemini at the same time makes it hard to choose. Bornheimer UhrtürmchenI still have my fathers camera though for good ‘ol sake until one of my sons or daughters, or even one of my grands takes it off my hands. I even thought about joining a photo glee club or something of that sort and learn a bit more about 35 mm cameras in the near future. I am pretty sure I could do a bit better with a little practice. At least it paid off to get that tripod at a decent price at the beginning. I had tried making some shots at  night without one and it was a disaster. You can’t say I didn’t try my best though, trying to hold that camera still and waiting the required seconds until the shutter closes. Uncle Billy probably uses a tripod probably only to show off. LOL!

I am very happy that I stopped smoking so that I could support, not only the oil painting hobby, with a little help from my friends, but a bit of photography. The Pentax K-50, took my fear away from taking photos in darkness or at night. I was even able to catch the winner of the Eckhard Henscheid look alike, which was actually a be alike or be like, contest at the Zoom Frankfurt Music club”. The Titanic guru Stefan Gärtner won first price.




Q 7 Body silber

Q 7 Body schwarz

Q 7+5-15mm+15-45mm silber

Bridge X-5 schwarz

Q 7+5-15 mm gelb

Q 7+5-15 mm schwarz

Q 7 + 5-15 mm + 15-45 mm schwarz 10736

MX 1 schwarz

Q 7+5-15 mm silber

Q 7 Body gelb

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