No honorable mention here

I wanted to enter the landscape painting to the art contest.  As far as the entry rules, I was good to go.  I made out the sign on the back of the painting with my name, address, telephone number and the price of the painting and lucky for me, I was sponsered the frame for it.  Thanks Buchhandlung Schutt!  I guess it pays to read.  Or better yet to design bookmarks for famous book shops.

Oh well, I didn’t make through the first hurdles.  The judges didn’t tell me anything was wrong, actually they just let me do all the talking.  So I went on about it being the orgins of the color brown I was working on and that I didn’t copy it from anything because it was just a small fantasy. (Actually it was the techniques of Bob Ross aka Bill Alexander)

The rules were pretty straightforward though.  We were allowed to create a painting, drawing or illustration.  The theme was joy(Freude).  I assume I forgot the theme since I opened up discussing my colors of brown and saying nothing about joy or happiness.

Other than that, I didn’t even know what they didn’t like because they just put stickers on the back of my new frame.  There were 4 green stickers and one blue one and I thought I had the first round in the bag since green means good in webdesign and most all other applications of life.  I guess green only means “go” on the streets and not in the art room!  I got a no go.

Well, back to the drawing easel.  Holy Cow!

Lilly asked me to make her 2 oil paintings similar to the one I gave her a month ago for her new apartment.  I didn’t shoot a photo of it but it’s pretty basic.  Some sky, some trees, mountains and maybe a lake since that is all I can do at the moment.  The seascapes are pretty hard so I will do one of those after these 2.

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