Mountain Inspiration with a pause following a but

I’ve decided to get some inspiration in the mountains.  Well, at least I will be checking out some large hills.  Mountains does sound better though if you ask me but who is asking right?

For some reason, I tend to want to add a comma after the me before the but but, (oops comma again after but) isn’t “but” a conjunction design to be a turning point so one would not need a comma?

We used commas in Chorus which I had loved and it was a pause which sometimes was supposed to have been perceived.  Problem was, a perceived comma needs the complete chorus in order to be heard, or not heard, or perceived and not heard? Oh my!  We never got the real effect because someone always sang in the pause so you would have had to buy a record or 8 track tape from some nice chorus masterpieces like Johannes Brahms produced in order to have felt the effect of the pause.  How do you hear what you’re not suppose to hear and perceive it?

Well, this has nothing to do with the “but” I started with which was assumed not to be followed by a comma, and the comma I meant was not suppose to be describing a musical pause(German Atempause) which is in the ear of the beholder, not heard and not seen but felt.  I just plainly got off of the subject.  Oh well!

Red TulipsThat’s why I need some inspiration from the mountains.  I think the tulips are peaking out their leaves at these times in the middle of winter.

By the way, I am taking a book with me which kind of fuses the book world with the modern world.  Ancient vs. Modern. I am already halfway done and will probably not write about it here, but I must say that I have read past page 10 so I guess I like it.

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