Full Moon Mountain Pass

I started this oil painting with lots of blue in it. I showed it on twitter because it is in the making and I thought that’s what twitter was all about.

A Dark sky
Dark Sky

Anyway, I started with a 2 coat,  black gesso layer which I allowed to dry. I think half an hour is enough time to wait for it to dry but since I didn’t know what the hell I wanted to accomplish with it, I just relaxed and used the time to imagine a louring blue expanse with a full moon that sheds more than enough reflection on a mountain pass and maybe even a small lake or better yet, a lake with a waterfall. I assume there will be some tree silhouettes painting across the expanse. The first version was just a blue expanse with a bit of alizarin crimson. I am using a combination of Bob Ross colors and brushes, and some Boesner Öl Studio colors that I got for really really cheap and they say that this color is actually great. For example,  I used ultramarine blue with a small mix of phthalo blau for the background. There is a hint of liquid transparent with lots of titanium white for the moon.

Full Moon Mountain Pass
Full Moon Mountain Pass

Next step is to add some stars. I first thought I would just sprinkle some white, mixed with thinner on the top and bottom dark parts of the canvas. That would be art I guess, just to let it flow but I thought I would get one of those star cards in the Book shop and try to actually get a realistic position of the stars that I see. At least I would have the names of the stars if I did it that way with the book and all.

I want some nice fluffy clouds to float across the moon. Like really colorful that also is contained in the blue expanse. I have some canvas board to practice with but it tends to be a bit different in the technique.

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