Durer at Stadel Museum

Durer selfporitrait

The museum visit to Städel yesterday, and experiencing the Albrecht Durer exhibition really paid off for me since I wanted to get some inspiration for my new oil painting project.  And it was all worth it in the end.  My good friend  provided the perfect guided tour with all of the additional information that you couldn’t  possibly learn from several books on the subject.

It is really the insider knowledge of learned individuals on a subject that can make a big impact on what you actually grasp or how you grasp it.  He drew the Rhinoceros without ever seeing one but depending on heresay.  I did some research on Albrecht Durer via Wikipedia and other resources on the internet.

My German(deutsche) Meyers Encyclopedia also proved very useful at some points, providing me some “Mr. know it alls” and “some catch me if you cans” in the out back for the simple fact.  I must say that I am pleased for learning the German language to be  good enough to read about many German topics.  I mean you have to admit that since Albrecht Durer is German(Nuremberg) it would make sense to read about him in his own language.

I guess I will save the Old Master collection exhibition for a rainy day since I have an annual pass to all of the  museums in Frankfurt.

I have added the acrylic layer to my canvas and the thinner can is clean now so now it is time to get busy I guess.  Since I still only know landscapes at the moment I will proceed in the Bob Ross technique ala Bill Alexander.  This time I add Bill Alexander as an inspiration since he is the real happy painter.  The video is legal though.  I found out from the Bill Alexander people as I was asking how I could become a Bill Alexander Painting instructor.  Think I will wait for that though… At least until know how is there.  Have fun!

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