Checked that book out

Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore kind of reminded me of back in the days. The main character referenced many things in that book about things that I experienced myself.

Mr Penumbra's 24-Hour BookstoreI remember sitting in a Dungeons and Dragons session but not knowing what the hell I needed a pouch with about 16 odd sided dice for.  And the Dungeon’s master was about as  nerdy as it gets.

As I was visiting the learning center back then, they were lined up with Apple 2 C and I had myself a Commodore 64.  That was the time you had the tape drive and the only programming experience was programming basic out of a Commodore best self programming games book.  After you programmed in the game, you prayed that you would find the right spot on the tape to start on.

With the addition of the 5 1/4 disc drive, and then after that the hard drive, programs were never scarce again.  There was a copy program, I think it was called disk copy, that everyone had used and shared so I think I had about 500 programs at that time.

The tape drive days were over!

On another note: Just for fun, I have decided to enter my new oil painting in a contest in Frankfurt since it will be taking entries on Saturday.  Why not?  As long as it stays a hobby, I am fine with that.  So I am featuring it again since my photograph of it is nicely true to the colors.

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