At it again

Looks like I got a couple of comments on my blogs.  I can’t say that I didn’t jump out of my seat with joy.  I guess there is some cream in that pudding of this blogging adventure that I am taking afterall.  I cannot say that I don’t get a kind of satisfaction once I have posted something(“I can’t get no, satisfaction” Mick Jagger and Keith Richards).

Shit, I was a one year old baby dragon when that song got released.

So looks like blogging on a regular basis is not so nerdy after all.  Sue seems to like it.  I remember checking out Sue’s posts in facebook and I must say they are mostly hilarious at times or even makes you think about some things.

Sue Says asked me to set her up a blog ( so I did.  I told Sue that it should not be a problem setting her up on a Webatelier Robi Robson server.  I was right.  I reserved her domain,, then installed WordPress on it.  The installation took 1 min ok 2 min because between steps, I set up the databank.  I found Arnacho Notepad as a suitable base theme so I got to work changing things as requested from Sue.

I pulled out a nice flower I photographed in Freddy’s garden in (Carinthia) out of my archive and set her up with a decent background.

Carinthian garden flowers
Freddy’s garden is very inviting

After checking out her first post, I got hooked and wanted to set up one for myself so I did.  Needless to say, I bought a nice WordPress book which is in German and now know how to make my own themes for WordPress.  The Germans really know their shit, just that they don’t know that. lol

Sue says she sends sandwiches so sattle-up sunny saturdays savouring soup samples.

Anyway on another note, last night was pretty nice and I met some nice artist and people at the Mousonturm culture center celebrating the Robert Gernhardt Hessian prize for Autors.

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